Sunday, June 24, 2018 

10:30 AM                             

10:40 AM    


Brunch Buffet Session (Service will be closed at 12:00 Noon)

12:00 PM

Welcome and Introduction
12:15 PM

Presentation Title:
"Dermatologic Conditions in Geriatric Patients"

Nor Chiao, MD 


The purpose of this lecture is to survey and examine the dermatologic problems encountered by the primary care physician in the care of geriatric patients.


  • Examine cutaneous drug eruptions
  • Examine Stevens Johnson syndrome and bullous diseases
  • Examine and manage itch, dry skin and pressure ulcers
  • Diagnose skin cancer, bullous diseases dry skin
1:15 PM

Presentation Title:
"Pain in Cancer Survivors"

Victor Chang, MD


The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of pain syndromes encountered by cancer survivors, and the current evidence basis for management. 


  • Describe treatment approaches for cancer survivors with pain
  • Describe treatment-related pain syndromes
  • Assess pain in short-term and long-term cancer survivors
  • Apply a multimodal approach to cancer pain survivors
  • Examine and diagnosis pain in cancer survivors
  • Select treatment approaches and communicate with patients
2:15 PM

Presentation Title:
"Palliative/Supportive Care"

Virginia Sun, PhD, RN

The purpose of this lecture is to illustrate how supportive care services provide care in all phases of the disease, from curative to palliative situations, and how primary care providers can provide palliative care.


  • Define supportive and palliative care across the spectrum of disease.    
  • Discuss an overview of supportive/palliative care services for patients and families within an NCI- designated comprehensive cancer center.
  • Recognize barriers to supportive/palliative care
  • Describe the role of primary care providers in discussing advance directives with patients and families
  • Identify situations where supportive/palliative care services can benefit the patient and families
  • Incorporate primary supportive/palliative care as part of primary care practices
  • Integrate supportive care with palliative care services at other institutions for shared patients
3:15 PM Break

3:30 PM

Presentation Title:
"Sarcopenia in the elderly"

Victor Chang, MD


The purpose of this lecture is to learn the complications of sarcopenia, to perform screening and diagnosis.


  • List complications of sarcopenia
  • Examine and Identify sarcopenia
  • Incorporate screening for sarcopenia
  • Evaluate and counsel patients for exercise and physical therapy to recover muscle mass and strength
  • Evaluate and counsel patients for nutrition
  • Perform tests such as the Timed Get Up and Go

4:30 PM

Presentation Title:
"Depression in Adult and Elderly Chinese"

Edmond Pi, MD

The purpose of this lecture is to improve screening, diagnosis, and treatment of depression in adult and elderly Chinese patients.


  • Diagnose depression in Chinese patients, with attention to DSM-5 and cultural factors
  • Recognize risk factors for suicide in Chinese patients
  • Distinguish from different disorders that can mimic depression
  • Apply depression screening in practice and a triage system for depressed patients
  • Provide initial management of depression in primary care patients,
  • Manage acutely suicidal patients until help arrives
  • Educate and provide support to caregivers
5:30 PM